Rabu, 30 November 2011


This pict was taken by halimi hanip. nize, akashah, bowjenk, takin. cover at this year's adventures, we success make DVD and happy ending trip, create special akashah and Takin, to avenge the failure of trip two years ago!

The curved usual cheerfulness after successfully conquering fish

pictured together in rapids guau besar after the success of this trip

"Bowjenk" what he said after strike this 6kg kelah?

successful substitute "Bowjenk"

Takin successful in this trip

The main rule in the trip, should CNR

akashah revenge was paid!

tried with live bait at night

smile of satisfaction nije

keep do CnR!

halimi hanip

do not try this for the inexperienced

the jok po rapits

the daredevil

if you want fishing to a ong Atuk you must pass through these rapids

rafting rapids like this has become a daily part of their

rafting rapids that must be passed to achieve the objectives

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